Mixing Star, Disaronno’s ultra-hip, global talent show, has introduced the Bar-Tag program, where celebrity bartenders take turns hosting a foreign colleague for an exploratory session on their distinct techniques, styles, and inspirations. Bar-Tag has recently made waves at the storied Surf Club. Jacopo Rosito and Valentino Longo, the duo behind the club’s Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar were able to host one of the legendary names in mixology—Erik Lorincz of the tiki-by-way-of-Casablanca Kwant Bar in London—for a one-night guest shift showcasing Lorincz’ talents alongside the introduction of Positano-influenced Amore Eterno bar menu.

Q&A by Matt Hirsh, Disaronno Brand Ambassador

After a Q&A with all three hospitality luminaries, Lorincz offered 2 genre-bending cocktails designed exclusively for the occasion: “Almond of Miracle” (Disaronno, vodka, cardamom, oat milk, honey, lime) and “Reina” (Disaronno, bourbon, peanut butter, chocolate bitters, sherry, smokey ginger ale). The Host offered two cocktails as well “When in Miami” by Valentino Longo (Disaronno, Harmless coconut, Cold brew JoJo Tea, Bourbon) and “The Magic Oak” by Jacopo Rosito (Disaronno, Rutte Old Simon, Vida Mezcal Del Maguey, Bitter Truth Chocolate Bitters).

Presentation of “Almond of Miracle” by Erick Lorincz
“When in Miami” by Valentino Longo
The Mixing Star Bar Tag – Miami

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