Lora Nefiodchina – F&B Manager at Mandarin Oriental

Meet Lora, F & B Manager at Mo Bar, Mandarin Oriental, Miami. The gift of hospitality aboundsin her blood and has evolved among restaurants. She started her career at 18 years-oldinspired by her mother. “I love the ability to show how I see the world with different flavors” –Lora expresses as a mixologist. She’s the […]

Veza Sur Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

On Tuesday, August 18th, the Latin-inspired cerveceria Veza Sur Brewing Co. will mark its third anniversary with a Birthday Box Giveaway, a beer release, a launch of new merchandise, local specials, and many more incredible opportunities. If you have never heard of the Miami-craft brewery that boasts “grew brews” and “hella good vibes” these incredible […]