Adrienne Nascimento – Tea Master

“Early on in life, at 7 years old, I fell in love with the intoxicating aroma of tea. I can thank both my grandmothers for their influence on my earliest introduction to tea. I would bury my nose in my maternal Grandmother’s box of White Rose and deeply inhale the sweet tea scent. My paternal grandmother used to take me to Chinese and Japanese restaurants in New York frequently, where I was exposed to drinking different types of tea and tea rituals. “

Erick Lorincz at Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar

Bar-Tag has recently made waves at the storied Surf Club. Jacopo Rosito and Valentino Longo, the duo behind the club’s Le Sirenuse Champagne Bar were able to host one of the legendary names in mixology—Erik Lorincz of the tiki-by-way-of-Casablanca Kwant Bar in London—for a one-night guest shift showcasing Lorincz’ talents alongside the introduction of Positano-influenced Amore Eterno bar menu.

A Taste of Scotland in South Beach

The Macallan Manor experience first transported us to the forests of Galicia, Spain to introduce the Macallan 12-year. Next, we visited a Spanish cooperage, where the Macallan barrels are painstakingly crafted. Here, we were treated to the Macallan 15-year, a bold and fruitful spirit, alongside an introduction to nuts and cheeses that enhance this delicious whiskey. The end of our journey brought us to a wonderful whiskey den where we got to enjoy the Macallan Rare Cask.” -Sujhail Cabana